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I like to draw anime, but I often do landscapes and other designs. If you'd like to commission me for a drawing like one of these, check out my journal.

Also, please take a look at the artist feature. It's always good to appreciate art, but sometimes just saying hello to the artist or telling them "good job" is all they need to keep on going :)

If you'd like to be featured, read the disclaimer and the goal there in that journal.

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Feature #2 of many. For the previous feature in this series, see here:…

Note: Please view this in full screen if you can, otherwise the placement of the pictures might be off :) Thanks

Disclaimer: None of this artwork belongs to me. I am simply showcasing it with the Artist's permission, and at a whim he/she may ask me to remove or change any of it and I will do so without question.

My goal here is only to help out fellow artists in the dA community
and generate more views/faves/comments/watches for them
because this community has been so good to me for as long as I have been logging onto here 
and I'd like to return the favor.

(I do not accept points or otherwise payment for this feature,
if I feature you it's because you deserve the praise and I am aware of your work,
I will always ask for your permission first before I feature you,
though you may contact me to evaluate your gallery for you and decide whether or not I will feature you.
Because I look at your gallery does not mean I will automatically feature your work here)


Koikii The Trainer by Koikii

Korra by Koikii

If this image doesn't explain just how much of a badass Koikii is, here are some stats:

Koikii aspires to one day be a professional illustrator, graphics artist, animator or a manga artist
and she is well on her way to being able to choose any of those careers and maybe even have a side job as a translator with all of the languages she knows.
I am hoping for the best for this young artist.
Koikii is fluent in at least three of five languages that she is trying to learn (from my experience reading her comments at least, she may be fluent in all 5 by now for all I know!)
including English, Spanish, French and 日本語 and 中文 (and... honestly I don't really know what those last two were o_o)
Koikii is only 16 years old, proving that it doesn't matter how old you are: if you want to draw, then pick up a pencil and learn!

Anime Drawing Tutorial - Part 1 by Koikii
(Actually, you can also check out her really nice tutorials here)

.:Please don't destroy our future:. by Koikii

".:Please don't destroy our future:." by Koikii

What I like most about Koikii's artwork is that she is an artist with a clear sense of style that she is consistent and confident with.
Her artwork doesn't flux in quality andif you are looking for someone who you can count on to produce crisp, pristine line art with well-coordinated color schemes full of life
then Koikii certainly gets the job done.

PEACE by Koikii

"Peace" by Koikii

Peace, one of my favorites of hers btw, is a beautiful image that soothes the eyes.
The woman's hair cascades wonderfully over the surface of the water and it makes you wonder whether she's lying in a shallow pool or if she's floating peacefully in a lake or a pond somewhere.
The water is simplified here and I think it works well that she let the background fade around the image.
Koikii demonstrates here that she knows about composition and how to direct the eye of the observer in her pieces, something that many of us I'm sure, including myself, struggle to get just right.

Korra by Koikii
"Korra" by Koikii

One of Koikii's more visually striking portrait pieces, "Korra",
a fan art piece obviously referring to the popular Avatar: The Legend of Korra series, 
is one of the many pieces that showcases Koikii's smart way of dealing with facial expressions.
Not only that, but the lighting and the mood here (thanks to a charming, cool palette of colors) compliment the picture well and really give weight to the notion that a "picture is worth a thousand words".
Just imagine everything that could be going on in this scenario and you could come up with a thousand stories while staring into those mysterious eyes.

Hinata Hyuga by Koikii  Sakura by Koikii

"Hinata Hyuga" and "Sakura"  by Koikii

Two more examples of head portraits as done by Koikii. Even though she tries to be less obvious with the lines for her "Sakura" drawing, you can still see that same quality of work from piece to piece.
What I think is important to note here is that the first drawing has a bright background to contrast with Hinata's dark hair color while the second one doesn't need much of a background
because Sakura's hair is what contrasts with the rest of the piece. Well played, Koikii :)

Shinobi Art Online by Koikii

"Shinobi Art Online" by Koikii

The crossovers. This is why I also am a big fan of Koikii's work. Not only is she a good artist, but she also enjoys good crossovers.
Seriously, I think both shows would've been better if they would have crossed over like this
(oh, and Ino as Leafa/Suguha and Hinata as Asuna is just hilarious! ... and a lot less creepy with Ino too)

The end of an era...! by Koikii Avatar Korra and Naruto Uzumaki by Koikii Naruto Uzumaki by Koikii

NINJA KORRA [Ame-Chan's design] by Koikii

Korra : ATLA by Koikii

Thank you for reading through this artist feature!


Please take the time to go and look through each of these images again (and more that I didn't post here) in the way they should be seen: through Koikii's gallery.

Also, please comment here so Koikii can always go back to this page and see your comments.

If you are a human being, then you know that you like when others compliment something you've worked very hard on.

And I'll tell you one last thing about her, Koikii is definitely one of the nicest people here on deviantArt
and she deserves every ounce of attention that she gets for her wonderful drawings, animation
(I couldn't find any of it on her page, sorry I think she moved it or something!)
and the sincere comments that she gives to other deviantArt members,
no matter what part of the world that they might come from.

So, make sure to pay her a visit and follow her!

Trust me, you'll want to see how this girl develops as an artist because she is going to be tough to compete against in the job market very soon!

Jeez, there's a lot of young talent, isn't there?


Hunter - Attack on Titan by Lazebe
Hunter - Attack on Titan
So I don't know what's up with my photoshop but it's been crashing a lot lately. It turned a roughly 2-3 million pixel image into a shitty, fuzzy 402 x 595, which is about a quarter or less than that I think.

It may be because of some new settings or maybe I need to download the recent updates or something, but a hi-res version of this will be up shortly once I blow this one up and clean it up again.
Women Portrait Drawings 2 by Lazebe
Women Portrait Drawings 2
Not sure how many more of these I'm going to do, but it's pretty good practice. I like her eyes but I had trouble with her overall expression (it looked really creepy when I first started, still kind of does), but that's why they say: on to the next.

The hair was very slapdash, yeah, but I might go back and edit it some more later.


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I am using points for gifts and to commission other artists either for my group or for friends. If you are able, thank you for your donations.

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I am a US student in Orlando, Florida. I moved to Florida to go to school and I am currently working on a bachelor's in character animation.

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barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just want to say to say to you since naruto is about to end and korra is now in its final season maybe you can give tribute to both series since they are about to end.
barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, by the way I thought of another idea yesterday that you can use as a tribute to both the legend of korra and naruto series.

First off for korra:have korra walking with aang (in his child form from the first avatar series) walk towards the bright light while she waves goodbye to their creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

Second for naruto:have naruto tearfully hugs his creator mashashi kishimoto goodbye because they are about to part ways (in other words the manga has ended) mashashi pats his creations back because he is favorite eventhough his story is now ended.
Lazebe Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That's a nice idea. You have anything in mind you want to see?
barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well you can make a fan art of both shows by having  naruto and korra hugging together sadly because their series is about to end and their fans have to move on since their favorite series is over or maybe you can think of something by yourself by making a farewell tribute to both naruto and korra together or make each separate farewell tribute art to each shows Naruto and the legend of korra that's all i am saying. 
Lazebe Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh it's definitely a great idea. Thank you again, I'll start working on something soon. I have to catch up with the Naruto manga. Almost done.
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Thank you so much for the watch! I really appreciate it hug 
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ZanTanoth Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :-)
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Hihi!!! Welcome to the :iconthe-da-ranger-group:!!!!!! I'm so glad you joined and I hope you have lots of fun!! *throws glitter*
OwlWolfRaven Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey, just wondering how you've been doing?
School is being good to me this year, how about you? :D
Oh, and I'm thinking about getting Tumblr 'cause I see alot of facebook artist on there. ;)
Lazebe Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I like tumblr just fine. I like looking for funny gifs or seeing all of the cool Korra art they post on there. I'm doing fine btw, working on my studies and drawings. Have you seen the trailer for the game Destiny yet? I'm going to draw the three characters from there very soon traditionally. Trying to get used to drawing without the tablet again.
OwlWolfRaven Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student General Artist
That's good. :)  Yes, I've seen the trailer. Woo!~ Can't wait to see it! :D
I've been having trouble uploading my pictures to my page lately, so I'll have someone fix it soon. :P hopefully, oi...
Lazebe Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Are your pictures not loading on screen or is it giving you an error message? If your image is way too big then you won't be able to upload it. Try scaling it down by 25% or half and see if that helps.
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Lazebe Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist

New layout, also I'm on there most of the time so if you like tumblr you may prefer to follow me there.
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